Dialect death? 

My guest post on the University of Wisconsin Press blog:

The remote and isolated location of the Upper Peninsula, along with language contact between English and other languages have shaped Yooper talk over the past 150 years and have helped it to remain fairly distinct from other varieties of American English. In addition, several social and cultural processes have affected the development and longevity of regional dialects. Processes that have specifically shaped Yooper talk include tourism and, more broadly, economics, the sociolinguistic history of the Upper Peninsula, research on regional varieties, awareness about language variation, and how speakers claim identity with language.

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Word of the Year Update

While yolo wasn’t voted as the Word of the Year, it was voted as Most Useful. The Word of the Year for 2012 is #hashtag. For all of the nominations and category winners, visit the American Dialect Society’s announcement of WOTY 2012.